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Frequently asked questions

Weddings are full of details and questions.
Let us try to help you out, by answering some of the most common questions we often get about our venue!

What is the max capacity of The Strand?

 The Strand can accommodate up to 250 to ensure maximum comfortability for guests.

What are the prices of drinks at the bar?

Beer starts at $4.00

Wine starts at $4.50

Mixed drinks start at $6.00

Specialty drinks start at $6.50

Are there any restrictions on caterers?

We do not have any restrictions on catering at The Strand! Vendors must have a valid catering license, but other than that, pick your favorite food and bring it on in!

Is outside alcohol allowed at The Strand?

Due to our liquor license, outside alcohol is prohibited from inside The Strand. If any outside alcohol is brought into the building, our staff will be required to confiscate it, but it can be returned at the end of the event. If you have special requests for the bar, we will do our best to have it ordered and ready to serve at your event!

What parking is available?

We are located downtown and utilize street parking for our events. During the weekends parking has not been an issue.

A map is shown below, highlighting available parking located near The Strand, plus much more that is available for your use!

The Strand.png

Downtown Hays Parking Map


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